Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As the World Turns

A couple of months ago I wrote the following statement:

"My public commitment: I will make a way for myself to be who I am and make it possible to be available to my husband and family. This is going to be risky but well well worth it. But life is full of risk. And happiness and family are worth every bit of it. Because I am going to look back and be satisfied with what I have done."

In the meantime I looked and looked for a way to make this happen and I really just spun in circles getting nowhere. WELL, today was a big major huge day for me because I left the public accounting world and faced the music that it wasn't me. Sounds pathetic but really it just wasn't. I loved the company and people that I worked with but there is little time for the things that get me all riled up: glitter, baby animals, Disney, being pathetic, etc. And so I'll spare my colleagues any further torture and distraction and embark on a new solo journey of finding my unique place in the world. No doubt that this will be made into a movie in the future in which Julia Roberts rides a bicycle through the countryside, while contemplating the meaning of life, and wearing sun hats and khaki capris. I get ahead of myself.

Some background: As soon as I graduated from high school in 2005 I decided that I needed to responsibly marry the man of my dreams, John my now husband, and ASAP. When I say responsibly I mean that there needed to be money involved, rather than an illegitimate child or something else scandalous in nature which is what I would have assumed had I been in your, the reader's, shoes. So I picked the degree that was the most direct and likely route to stability and graduated in 2 1/2 years with a bachelors in Accounting. Jumped right out of school into a great position at a great public accounting firm and have been kidding myself ever since. Albeit I did marry my handsome husband and have savored every bit of our marriage since. The stars were still not aligning.

So rubber meets road and the inevitable happens and here I am with a head full of CRAZY ideas and nothing but time. This is going to be good. I choose to share with you all.

First thing's first. What do I do with myself after going 5 years without a break? One day at a time, breathe, one day at a time. Tomorrow I will clean my house that is sorely neglected. Sounds tame right? Well it also involves removing a Christmas tree. Bad. And the dishwasher won't drain so something creative is going to happen there, probably involving a bucket. I will also take my slack butt on a walk in an effort to get reacquainted with that long forgotten concept called exercise. I mentioned my crazy ideas, which I wrote down today but won't describe because that would be like telling you the twists in the story before they happen. My wise mother said something today about crap hitting the fan and going with what sticks to the wall. So here goes!

I am going to be documenting the craziness here as often as it happens. I'm picturing this getting good so stay tuned my friends.