Saturday, April 24, 2010

Creative Diarrhea

After a long drawn out period of holding in all that creative juice it's now blowing out in catastrophic proportions! I'm sitting here in my little studio, being all manic with a glue gun and paper flying everywhere, and I can't stop. I actually woke up at 6 am on Saturday morning to fiddle around. So I got halfway through a dignified scrapbook page of my Husband and I in Venice and then when that ran out of steam I moved on to a Hello Kitty greeting card, then a little throne made of paper. What could I possibly need an 8" throne made out of paper for? Well considering it's far too small for my ego, I think I'll settle on using it as a little display for other random things that I smash together and top off with a sneeze of glitter. Here's some of what I've been cranking out:

So May 1st is going to be my first official National Scrapbook day! I will be working on some projects for challenges and hopefully posting them up here as they come along. I will be participating with the challenges at as well as .

In the meantime I am reading Gone With the Wind and it looks to be AMAZING! I love historical fiction with a passion and will probably make some recommendations in a future post. Gone With the Wind is my all time favorite movie and I kick myself for having waited this long to read the novel. So Fiddle-de-dee and Great Balls of Fire!!!