Thursday, April 22, 2010

A New Enterprise

Here begins Katie and Company.
Mission: to spread glitter everywhere while raking in ludicrous amounts of money.
COO: John
CFO: Pickle
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Bambino

Today the executives of Katie and Co got some serious work done.

We attacked rugs (Pickle, CFO):

We attacked socks (Bambino, Chairman of the Board):

We found a new office space:

We added glitter to things:

And we gave dirty looks (Pickle, CFO):

So far, business is booming and we forecast 500% growth in the second quarter of 2010.
So my first couple of days being myself again have been amazing and I seriously am so happy I can cry on demand. My CFO is actually perched on my head as I type this and is making snorting noises as he cleans his pink little butt. Distraction. Focus. In fact its like my life is thawing out after a prolonged winter and spring has come. Life is creeping back in and shoots of my former self are sprouting all around. I didn't expect that I would fall right back into my old girlish habits that I had in high school and college but I did and it feels so dang good. My mind is my own again and I've been running it at lightning speed.
And when you have/take time to experience life you realize again that it is charming. There are so many little things to enjoy right down to the little white paw that is in my ear right now thanks to my kitten.
Tomorrow I turn 23 years old. This is going to be good.