Wednesday, April 28, 2010

L'amour Layout

This is my most recent layout of our honeymoon in Italy! Use the link below to access my gallery and see some of the products I used.

As Mothers' day approaches I have been spending the week creating some cards based on the personalities of the ladies responsible for me. In addition to making cards I spent the afternoon yesterday with my beloved sweet grandma, or Baba as I call her. She is 88 years old and doesn't leave home much but there is deffinitely more than meets the eye. As a young woman she was taken from her home in Belarus to Nazi Germany and was sent to a labor camp. Luckily for her a local family needed an extra hand on their farm and so she was sent to work for them and became part of their family and was able to survive rather comfortably. After the war she immigrated to Canada and met my grandfather. 5 children later, they moved to San Francisco. I am so greatful for her! We had a great time talking about vitamins, eating borsht, and laughing. So glad that I have time now to spend with her before I lose my chance!